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To make you understand I created this table breakdown:

level 1 You Are Here 1 link
level 2 5 to join 5 links
level 3 5 x 5 more to join 25 links
level 4 25 x 5 more to join 125 links
level 5 125 x 5 more to join 625 links
level 6 625 x 5 more to join 3125 links
level 7 3125 x 5 more to join 15625 links
level 8 and so on you do the math
level 9 ......................... ................................
level 10 ......................... ................................

Read this entire message carefully! Follow the simple directions and watch your hits grow! Within few month you will see the result. I just barely start this on my site, and already getting 2000+ hits a day! The words spread fast, specially in our Adult Industry. No other link exchange can compete with this. It's certainly worth to join! And I promise you that if you follow the directions exactly, you will start benefit more than you thought possible by doing something so easy! It's Only 10 minutes on your part Now - and watch your hits sky rocket!

Now the fun part!

How do I have to start it? -It's easy as A B C.

A. Bookmark this page now, so you can refer to it if you are lost.

B. Copy/Download this entire page from document source as linkme.htm file to place it on your site. Now take # 10 name off the list and put your link with LI tag on number one position with your short title. So You Are # 1, (2 becomes 3), (3 becomes 4), (4 becomes 5), (5 becomes 6), and so on... Do not alter OL tag, so it can number the links. And remember to remove # 10 off the list. So now you will have your link on # 1, and have others moved accordingly. Replace link "your link here" with your URL on your main page ONLY.

C. Copy your links table to one of your main pages from document source as well. Obviously the more people see it, the faster they will sign up under you and the more traffic you can expect.

D. You are done, No more D to do. Enjoy the hits!

----------------------- here is the link table -----------------------

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